Gecko Dads Corp (GDC)

Why a Dads Club?

Spirit Wall Build! Gecko Dads: January 6th, 2018

Research has shown that children perform better on standardized intelligence tests, earn better grades, have more positive attitudes about school, and report higher self-esteem when dads (and moms!), or other positive role-models, actively participate in their schooling.  Plus, there are some pretty handy and cool dads at this school and we should get to know each other a little better.


Gecko Dads Corp (GDC) Goals

  1. Enhance School Grounds and Fix/Build Stuff
  2. Sponsor/Support Fundraising Events
  3. Increase Number of Opportunities for Dads to be Involved
  4. Provide a Forum to Share Ideas
  5. Provide a Social Outlet for Fathers (Fancy for “guys night out”)

How do I get Involved?

Please complete this questionnaire (and this survey) and return to school office so we may get a better idea of the interest level, skill sets and hobbies of our Green Elementary School dads.  We’ll add you to our email database and keep you apprised of upcoming meetings, events, projects, and activities.  Come to as few or as many of the events as you like–there are no requirements.


Yearly Events

  • First GDC meeting of School Year on Tuesday September 19th 7:00pm at KNB in Del Cerro.
  • All GDC Meetings after that date will be on the second Tuesday of each month 7:00pm  at KNB in Del Cerro.
  • Gecko Grind
  • Family Rocket Launch
  • Dads Dodge Ball Classic